What does validating identity mean

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What does validating identity mean

Sharon is also co-chair of the Higher Education Information Security Council. What are the essential elements of a viable IAM solution?

They will discuss their approaches to replacing cobbled-together systems to accomplish institutional goals for identity and access management. Presenters: Tom Dugas, Director, Information Security/New Initiatives, Duquesne University Sharon Pitt, Associate Vice President and CIO, Binghamton University Download the slides (PDF) View the archived webinar (Adobe Connect) Globus Auth is a pioneering foundational identity and access management (IAM) platform service used for brokering authentication and authorization interactions between end-users, identity providers, resource services/servers, and clients (including web, mobile, and desktop applications, and other services).

Duke University has helped to develop and is now implementing CAR — Consent-informed Attribute Release.

Download the slides (PDF) View the recorded session (Adobe Connect) The Shibboleth Consortium is an international non-profit consortium that is responsible for the development, support, maintenance, and strategic direction of the Shibboleth software, which is prevalent in In Common and federations worldwide.

The TAC provides recommendations related to the technical operation and management of In Common.

The work plan outlines the proposed technical priorities, particularly for the In Common Federation.

Rich Graves, shared information security officer for both Carleton College and St.

What methods are the board considering to make the Consortium financially stable? How does Internet2’s TIER (Trust and Identity in Education and Research) project relate to Shibboleth? Systems Developer, The Ohio State University; Shibboleth Developer and Board member Justin Knight, Project Manager at Jisc (which manages the Shibboleth Consortium) Kevin Morooney, Vice President, Trust and Identity, Internet2, Shibboleth Board member Steve Zoppi, Associate Vice President, Services Integration and Architecture, Internet2 How does your MFA project change as you scale up from select high-risk applications (direct deposit, W-2s) to email and LMS, and from opt-in to mandatory for all staff?

How do you engage with nontechnical users and senior campus leadership?

This webinar is intended to gather community feedback on the work plan.

This year’s draft plan includes these topics (among others): View the recording (Adobe Connect) Download today's slides (PDF) Download the consent implementation checklist (PDF) One of the main barriers to effective attribute release by default - and widespread adoption of initiatives like the Research & Scholarship Category - are campus policies and requirements for user consent. What advice to these campuses have for you to deploy user consent and help your faculty, researchers, staff, and students more easily take advantage of collaboration services?

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Id P and federation operators find themselves caught between cries of "free the attributes!