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Hi, I'm 15 years old and I have a question about masterbation that may seem funny to some people but I would still like someone to answer me as honestly as possible.

I'm masterbating quite frequently, I’d say once a day, sometimes even more times a day.

Sometimes people notice that I cant walk properly and its incredibly embarassing. I have never heard that masturbation can cause difficulties in walking, there sure are negative effects after practicing it too much. In what way do you think wanking has messed up your body and genitals?

What might come after the excessive masturbation are feeling constantly fatigue, lower back pain, you could lose your hair and also you can start having pain in testicles. I have a friend that was masturbating so much that he caused his testicles swell up like crazy, it really hurt him a lot.

I've seen men on pornography videos with the same thing, but I dont like the way it looks, and im afraid that once I have sex for the first time my girlfriend will think it's wierd.

I havn't been able to find anything else like this on the net, so im posting it myself.

However pulling your penis too much can cause irritation which is why probably the head is red after ejaculation, and pulling your foreskin too hard can cause inflammation.

No, masterbation does not represent a danger for your health.

Dont fall into the trap of being a serial wanker, why not try women? So in order to ensure that the population does not die out males must impregnate several women a year.

Happy Wanking love Steve and Pete Masterbating is "nature's way" of survival of the fitest. The best swimmers are those that are the freshest so the body has to rid itself of the old sperm in order for the new sperm to be ready if called to swim their hearts out. Of course in today's world there is no danger of the population dying off, but there are men that use this excuse for cheating on a woman. Im 15 and I have been masterbating since i was 11, and before I used to masterbate with my hands squishing my penis from top to bottom, but from doing that, my penis is shaped kindof like a flat cylinder, and I can't seem to reverse it by pushing from side to side.

If you have any other questions regarding masturbation, sex or any other issue you might have feel free to post it here, or even better, don’t hesitate to talk to your doctor. I think the masturbation has nothing to do with your "no erection" issue. Hmm I didn't hear yet that anyone died from too much masturbating, did you? If so then just reduce your masturbating or find a partner and your hardship with masturbating will belong to past :-P However, maybe you have another problem then too much masturbating. We have experienced no side effects of masturbation.

XD Anyways, what does it mean too much masturbating? It depends on your age and your sexual activities ... yet we're feeling wen sum1 else gives us hand relief it is not as plessurable as wen u do it urself.

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Stories about damaging influence of masterbation on ones health have been invented in the past to scare men to keep them from masterbating.