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Here, we’ve covered all the big players such as Samsung, Sony, Panasonic, LG, Philips, as well as the emerging Hisense.The most recent additions are the Panasonic EZ952, the Sony A1 and the Samsung MU7000, but we are regularly updating this list as more of the latest TVs come out.These are gradually being overtaken by Ultra HD (commonly known as UHD or 4K), which gives you a resolution of 3840 x 2160.That’s four times the number of pixels, crammed into generally the same TV sizes. There used to be a real lack of 4K content, but these days there is plenty to stream from Netflix and Amazon Video – and you can buy 4K Blu-rays. Buy Now: LG 55UJ701V 55″ Smart 4K Ultra HD HDR LED TV for £599.00 and save £300 HDR stands for High Dynamic Range.This allowed me to test the speakers on my Sony TV and the sound is loud and clear from the laptop to the TV when I do the test. Also look if your laptop is projecting on maximum resolution on your tv. Maybe more than you Ok, another I changed my default Audio in the control panel of my laptop to 'Sony TV', and I finally was able to watch a video on my TV with picture plus audio. So now I'll have to figure out how to get sound from both the laptop and the TV at the same time.If yes change the resolution on one random and then set it back at maximum. I thought you had already tried setting your default audio to Sony TV. The thing you want now is not possible, at least as far as i know. It's been almost a year since Sony formally entered the virtual reality arena with the launch of the Play Station VR (PSVR) headset.In that time, the unit has remained unchanged, but its pricing has slipped slightly, allowing gamers to enjoy popular titles like If you own or have worn a PSVR headset, you'll know that the headphones need to be connected via the 3.5mm port on the side of the inline "remote." It's not particularly taxing, but it does mean there's another cable loosely dangling around as you're moving about a room.

This is what made me think the fault is with the Sony TV, but it works perfectly when I hook up my tablet to it. My conclusion is that all my equipment works, but I have a wrong setting somewhere between the HP laptop and the Sony TV Have you checked at the Sound settings of the laptop the HDMI as default device?

Then I tested my Sony TV by hooking up my tablet to it and picture and sound worked perfectly.

I tested the computer and hooked it up to my other (Samsung) TV with the same HDMI cable, and both picture and sound worked perfectly.

Sony doesn't say when we can expect the new headset to launch, but it did note that pricing would stay the same.

The company has also warned existing owners that they will not be able to hotswap the Processor Unit in order to enjoy HDR content as the cabling is different.

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If you’re looking for a small, typically Full HD-only model, you’ll want to look at our Best value TVs round-up. Below you’ll find our guide to some of the common terms used in TV lingo – or scroll further if you want to cut to our recommendations of the best TV for you.