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To help explain how we arrived at the final template designs, I’ll walk you though the architecture and design of 10 important elements of a successful mobile app landing page and how they can impact your conversion rate. Given that the brands that manufacture these devices exude professional, modern design, you’d be crazy not to follow suit and use a sexy landing page for your apps. You wouldn’t dress a supermodel in dirty underwear, so don’t wrap your app in crap. Showing the device (i Phone, i Pad, Android phone etc.) front and center establishes the first of two levels of context of use – instantly reinforcing that you’re looking at a page about (in this instance) something for your i Phone.You can then include a screenshot or video inside the viewing area of the image to illustrate how it will look while being used.

This acts as a nice way of giving some love back to those who are saying nice stuff about you. Take each of your best features and provide a thorough description and a screenshot to demonstrate it visually.

Product placement on every show, usually outright and somewhat ironic. Though it's pretty clean, there's no sex -- unless you count some raunchy jokes -- drugs, drinking, violence, or nudity.

The show, which basically features funny adults chatting, probably won't appeal to kids unless they're comedy lovers.

Cursing includes "hell," "ass," and "damn"; "s--t," "f--k," and other four-letter words are bleeped.

Expect jokes about and references to sex and other ticklish topics -- religion, race, class.

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Now you might have to pay a hefty fine if you are a girl and you are caught using mobile phones while walking on the street. The Panchayat of Mathura's Madora village has taken this decision to impose Rs 21,000 on girls who will be seen talking on mobile phones while walking on the street, in order to reduce the rate of crime against girls and might also help in reducing the cases of elopement.

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