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I’ve heard complaint of being asked to watch children outside of temples for parents but our in laws children were older so were left home and were not local to weddings.

I could see how that would happen otherwise because children also can’t attend temple weddings until they have a temple recommend.

Funerals: I went to an LDS funeral that was for three hours minimum and wasn’t done when we left, essentially as ‘family’ was invited to come early to sit in a small room togethr for an hour, then an hour long service, then another hour spent eatomg amd talking about how it was the person’s time, how they are in a better place (despite dying decades prematurely from something highly avoidable-though who hasn’t made mistakes that could have led to our accidential deaths?

I know I have) and invited for the meal after the service which we stayed for an hour.

If the person deeply believes in the LDS church and all the prophets have to say and so reads scriptures daily, attends weekly and volunteers (‘callings’) then you can expect:-a temple marriage is important to them-they may want to be a missionary when they retire which has always meant both spouses are actually members of the LDS church, not just attending (i.e.

baptized having said to the bishop they believe various church basics like Joseph Smith’s experience)-likely their family is mostly LDS way back and if that is the case they will forever see you as holding your spouse back because a.

So if that’s true ironically you’d be better off gambling you’d change your mind in the afterlife rather than have the missionary teachings so your spouse could hope for that.

Otherwise you’re ‘immodest.’ Yet a man can walk around without a shirt on though it seems to only be done when in a bathing suit.

Yes people can disagree about the most mundate details, perhaps because they are less likely to have full-time jobs and so care about their precious limited vacation days that they be spent relatively happy.

In fact, if you could spend time with the in laws in advance trying to do a project together this could give you a good idea of what you have ahead of you unless you are going to seen as the goody two shoe who won’t volunteer to decorate for weddings, even if it means getting up early after an early flight/time zone change.

Unfortunately you will be asked to read the Book of Mormon and to pray asking ‘if it’s true.’ They will then focus on baptism and the gifts it provides, ignoring that you may have already been baptized by another Christian church which they don’t consider as counting. you may find it hard to be passionate about your spouse’s family members conversations about six months of emergency supplies and food/housing as well as whatever the topics were at church that day or church meetings (large meetings known as ‘conference’ that happen a few times a year). you may be asked to volunteer at each family wedding (typicaly families will have from 5 to 7 or even 10 children per couple) since it seems tradition not to pay for weddings but instead to use volunteers from the church (friends and family) and pay only for the food and any decorations not leant.

Conferences are at the local and national level at least, some are on t.v. So free chairs and tables form the church if marrying in the gym.

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Interpreations seem to vary, our LDS daughter watches t.v.

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