Pro wrestling fans dating

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" Before I did this, I didn't realize how big Bachelor nation actually is.

If anyone had an advantage on The Bachelorette when it comes to interviews and sound bites, it would be you, given your 15 years of doing promos.

Yeah, it's crazy how your life can change real fast.

I hadn't wrestled for the better part of six weeks, which is the longest I've taken off in five or six years. Even this morning, people are stopping me, "Oh my God, do you still talk to Rachel?

Listen, I could not be happier or more thankful for all of ROH with how easy they've made this for me.

Joe Koff has been one of my biggest supporters with this, and made it literally no issue for me to miss shows.

Paytas told Ziggler not to flake because she was cancelling a date for him.

He told her that he couldn't put out tonight, and she said that it was fine, noting that while "she loves sex," she "doesn't have that much of it" because she's very picky.

Please note that it contains a lot of strong language.

It's not like there were four doctors and there was a doctor's club. And obviously, there's some brand building involved.

For the most part, everybody was in their own lane. I know this is a wider audience than I generally get to reach, so it's win-win.

You Tube personality Trisha Paytas went on a tirade on Dolph Ziggler last night after Ziggler allegedly flaked on a scheduled date.

Paytas, who has 2.7 million subscribers, started the video by calling Ziggler "a f--ckboy who should be a man" and revealed that they hooked up a year ago.

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At around , Paytas texted Ziggler asking if he still wanted to meet.

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