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Once back at high school, Emily is the first to fill her friend Aria in on what she missed while away, including the fact that the other three girls, her former friends, Hanna, Spencer and Emily have all disbanded since Alison's death.In the meantime, the formerly chubby, gawky Hanna, has become the new Queen Bee, alongside formerly nerdy sidekick Mona, who has had a glam makeover of her own. Equally shocked, he mumbles "holy crap" when he notices her, letting the students know that something is up.It's been a year since the disappearance of her best friend Alison Di Laurentis, and Aria has returned from her father's sabbatical in Iceland to a whole new dynamic in Rosewood.In her home, where Aria and her mother Ella unpack boxes, Aria discusses the oddness of being home at exactly the anniversary of Ali's death.Ezra says he is teaching English, though does not specify where.In addition, Aria is vague about where she attends school.Byron drops Aria off for her first day back at school, and while the two are alone in the car, he tells Aria that he loves her mother and made one mistake that shall not be repeated.

Hanna smiles mock innocently, and her and Mona leave, scared, but relieved.The show begins with footage of the night Alison Di Laurentis disappeared.Alison, Aria Montgomery, Spencer Hastings, Hanna Marin and Emily Fields were having a sleepover in Spencer's barn.Aria had woken up, followed by Hanna and Emily, to find Ali and Spencer missing.Spencer had returned to let the other girls know that Ali was missing and that she thinks she heard a scream.

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Ezra feels Aria led him on and is unprepared to engage in an illicit relationship with a student, while Aria tries to persuade him that he feels something too.