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This had a big impact on my wife - if she spent all day on the computer then she couldn't see distance in the evening.

I'd see her trying to see the TV and even seeing what it was like with her reading glasses on.

From your posts she has been wearing 0.00 add 1.50 so her muscles have never had to relax - effectively she has 1 permanently jammed on.

When/if she gets 2.25 then to use a computer (@66cm) then her eye muscles will need to relax, so she'll effectively be wearing 0.75 Add 1.50.

I'm very pleased to hear that your Mom has offered to let you see another doctor and that is making you feel calmer. Take care and please understand that I mean well and am trying to help you to be less anxious about all this.

Not only will this hopefully give him a greater opportunity to more fully understand your concerns, but also an opportunity to tailor your eye test accordingly Since you are getting eye strain, even at distance with your current prescription, he shouldn't find your request for a re-test unreasonable.

Whatever happens, hopefully you will get a new prescription which will make sufficient difference to you. Take care Lou Lou , Hi Weirdeyes Sorry, I did post you a reply, but it doesn't seem to have been loaded correctly to the thread. I don't think people with amblyopia try to make their non-dominant eye see better with accomodation.

I might have even had this going on when I first got glasses.

Also an interesting encounter I will post in sightings.

Weirdeyes , One thing that's definitely true is that farsightedness makes your eyes feel sharper.

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I know that prescriptions don't really average out, but I am doing this just to find an average spherical difference between your eyes, which I calculate to be 3.125.

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