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Did mickey rourke dating evan rachel wood

It turns out that’s the least of their problems when a tragic accident, shifty strangers, and a horrific crime strike their once-idyllic corner of the woods.(whom, she says, remains a best friend), and on June 10 of this year made a You Tube video (search on “Pride month Evan Rachel Wood”) to clear up misconceptions about bisexuality and share her personal tale of revelation.The mother of a nearly three-year-old son (dad is actor Jamie Bell, whom she amicably parted with in 2014), Wood chatted by phone about post-apocalypse existence, the Orlando tragedy, her turn as an android in HBO’s upcoming sci-fi series Well, the script really drew me, and it was just a really pleasant coincidence that Ellen and Patricia and I are all out. “She’s an actress of limitless capabilities,” Allen says. I was so happy when she was the youngest person to ever be nominated for a best actress Golden Globe, but she deserved an Oscar.” Even in less volatile roles, Wood can catch you off-guard: take her beguiling, against-type turn as a naïve, homeless Southern beauty queen in the new Woody Allen chamber comedy, .But what they don’t understand is it’s not the physical trauma that’s most damaging.Of course it’s damaging, painful, and horrible, but it’s the emotional scars rape leaves that take a lifetime to deal with and come back from.In , as a waylaid (and way-laid) Southern belle, Melody, a beauty pageant winner who “lost her virginity to the boy who caught the biggest catfish in Plackman County,” Wood is like a comedy Terminator.She blazes through Allen’s existential malaise with blonde naïveté, innocent sexuality and an omnipresent grin.

” Wood states unequivocally, sidling into a back booth at a sleek pan-Asian bistro near her home on Los Angeles’ West Side.

), the film is based on Jean Hegland’s post-apocalyptic 1996 novel.

Living in the remote, woodsy Northwest with their father, siblings Nell (Page) and Eva (Wood) find that all power and technology has suddenly gone down due to a mysterious event.

She pushes boundaries, making her stand out against more established co-stars like Gwyneth Paltrow, Cate Blanchett and Rourke.

Just as she’s titillated gossip columns with her (real) on again/off again romance with much older rocker Marilyn Manson and (never-actually-happened) affair with her much, much older co-star Mickey Rourke, Wood has dazzled in films both indie ().

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