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Another negative is when the wife basically gave up being a mature adult, because no matter what horribly immature, selfish or rude thing she said or did to another, she wasn’t responsible for her own behavior.

It was her husband’s job to essentially be her parent.

This is my chance — I feel so many are basic which led me to create the ABCs of dating – well, with my experiences and views.

A for Assumptions A lot of people think being single is exciting and full of adventure, like on television shows such as . But it helps us start out the alphabet with A for Assumptions.

Just like in any group of people, there are some stinkers and also wonderful, amazing people, so please don’t think because of my discussions of the stinkers that all Christians fall in that category.

I attended a church singles group in my twenties, but I emerged still single.

Can you imagine writing that out longhand one thousand times?

A man I was dating last summer used to apologise for his body odour, but I couldn't get enough of it.

Embracing him after a long day, he smelled right like others haven't — all man, all mine.

It’s amazing how things you think should be automatic or assumed just can’t be assumed.

For instance, a friend recently went on a date with a nice man who was educated and funny.


This domestic style was whispered about among women I knew, and well, curiosity killed the cat and I had to research it.