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Dating in fuengirola

The Battle of Fuengirola (October 15, 1810) was an engagement between a small Army of the Duchy of Warsaw garrison of a medieval Moorish fortress in Fuengirola against a much larger Anglo-Spanish expeditionary corps under Andrew Blayney.Blayney led an amphibious assault on Sohail Castle under heavy bombardment.We ourselves can not always use it, so therefore we want you to join us for our apartments Residence "La Joya" and the lovely city apartment in Los Boliches, Fuengirola.Only renters who have booked through the Micazu booking calendar can write a review.

We ask you to simply review the holiday home and leave other things out of the review.Los Boliches is located between Fuengirola and Torreblanca and by many as' the better district "classified.It is a lively area with many bars, cafés and restaurants. Personally, we find Southern Spain a super place for 12 years to go on vacation.To defend it against invasion from the sea, the Moors had built a stone castle on a hill between the Mediterranean and the Fuengirola River.During the Peninsular War the area of Costa del Sol was considered of secondary importance and it was seized by the French forces with little opposition and until 1810 the partisan activity in the region was close to none.

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In the autumn of 1810, the British Major General Lord Blayney decided to lead an expeditionary force from Gibraltar towards the port of Málaga and seize it by surprise.

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