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Dana ellis dating sites

Fairy Tale Resource Page for Teachers and Librarians A resource guide for professionals involved in teaching or introducing the world of Fairy Tales to children grades K-6.

This is an archive of an old but interesting site - however, the links may not all work now.

Mythic Crossroads: Myths and Legends Huge and excellent site, with comprehensive links to mythology sites and resources, divided into British, Egyptian, Greek/Roman, Norse and Other links, plus history sites too.

Myths and Legends One of the best resources, Christopher Siren's epic site has detailed annotations of more weblinks than you could ever eat, regularly updated, and divided geographically into cultures. Nasreddin Hodja Erol Beymen's whole site about the popular wise fool. Over seventy short tales are categorised by subject.

Legends A major resource, beautifully designed and presented.

It gives introductions, commentary, original sources, illustrations and annotated links for many subjects including: Robin Hood, King Arthur & The Matter of Britain, The Welsh Bards, Tales of Gawain, Guenevere, Percival the Fool, Merlin & the History of Britain, Sir Tristan & La Belle Iseult, Elaine of Astolat, Ballads & Broadsides, True Thomas, Tam Lin & Fair Janet, Pirates & Privateers, Blackbeard, Fairy Tales, Classic Tales, Selchies, Shakespeare's Stories, Beowulf, Sagas & Sea-Kings, Sigurd the Volsung, The Viking Age, Paladins & Princes, Knighthood in Flower, El Cid, Roland, and much more.

Pages on favorite stories and their background, a Raven resource, profiles of favorite story authors and illustrators, helps on finding, selecting and learning stories; a manual of effective storytelling, links to other sites with help on techniques, online story resources; and tips on Bible stories. Encyclopedia Mythica: Mythology, Folklore, and Legends An essential resource.The complete text is here online, divided into chapters.Each chapter is summarised also, and there's a bibliography for further readiing.The site is an experimental project developed in 1998 by the Maricopa Center for Learning & Instruction (MCLI) and the South Mountain Community College Storytelling Institute.There is an excellent reference tool that summarises and explains Joseph Campbell's stages in the Hero's Journey structure from mythology, and gives examples of each from various sources.

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