Cool chat no credit card needed

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An initial period of dating and friendship is obviously necessary to explore the potential of a more solid relationship.

This is essential and strongly recommended if two people are going to embark on a long and happy married life raising a family together.

I feel he must have shared this with you and you are just worrying because you may have alot of time to think without him near :) This is normal and I feel it will be less than 2 months before you set a solid date. I feel because of what an older man said to him about being "good enough for you" he is trying hard to prove he is. Rest assured: I feel strongly you will marry, and it will not be long! You feel that despite the challenges you have faced in the past, present or now, you will find the strength and courage to succeed.

I'd like my cash back to show up just as FAST as my available balance shows..letting me know that I owe back to the card is posted immediately.

Security Deposit is kind of too much compared to my security deposit needed for my capital one, but compared to the benefits you'll receive with discover it's overall worth it.

Card has a clean fresh look to it and is quite different compared to other credit cards.

I'd like to see my cashback posted IMMEDIATELY as well!

This is by far the best secured card for rebuilding or establishing credit considering the cash back feature.

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There is one secured credit card that will pay interest on the deposit ($0.01/month) but you do not get any rewards.

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