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Both are part of the planned renovations for Highland Village, which will be known as Crescent.

Ocean Layers The ocean can be divided into several layers.

Some of the best books that I have found about casting are two by Paul Matthews entitled Cast Bullets for the Black Powder Cartridge Rifle and Casting Premium Bullets for the Black Powder Cartridge Rifle.

Lymans Cast Bullet Handbook is also an excellent source of information as well.

In Part II of this article, Ill take a look at four common, but very useful items that you may already own to enhance your casting.

Some Basic Assumptions Before we begin let me say that this article is not designed to cover every element of the bullet casting art.

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In fact, the development of the ideas and techniques presented in this article are based in part upon books and articles written by other shooters, and from conversations with experienced casters.

One article in particular, written by Lee Shaver and published in the April 1997 issue of Single Shot Exchange entitled Casting Perfect Bullets, was instrumental in changing the way I cast.

After experimenting with a some of Lees ideas, I incorporated a few into my own casting process.

And finally, lets assume that you already use a quality mould, such as a readily available commercial mould from Lyman, RCBS, NEI or others, or a custom mould made to your specifications.

Learning from Others For those of you just starting to cast your own bullets, a word of advice: find a patient, kind-hearted veteran BPCRS shooter who is willing to help you get started.

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There have been dozens of articles written by far more experienced and accomplished shooters than me that contain a wealth of information about casting bullets.