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Chronicle dating site

Although Caesar recorded Belgic raiders to England who may have settled there, it is now thought to indicate payments for military service, close cultural links and trading ties as well as gifts cementing political or social alliances across the Channel.

The Essex and South Suffolk Trinovantes were absorbed by the Catuvellaini from the west.

It is thought that there were two separate peoples in Suffolk at this period, with a boundary roughly from Newmarket to Stowmarket and Aldburgh.

To the north were the Iceni, and in the south the Trinovantes. The iron age Iceni tribal heartlands were in North West Suffolk around Ixworth and the Blackbourne Valley and Icklingham, West Stow and the Lark Valley.

This supports the idea of close links between Britain and Belgica around this time.

Caesar's second expedition to Britain resulted in the surrender of the British federation of tribes under the leadership of Cassivelaunus.

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There would seem to have been some connection between the two tribes at this time, but it became closer a few years later.

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