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It is important to note that "paganism" is not intended to differentiate the polytheistic religions from the monotheistic.

The number of gods does not apply to the term because many so-called "pagans" would have not considered it important to differentiate themselves based on the number of gods they worshipped.

Followers of the ancient religions did not necessarily have anything against Christianity based on its preference for a singular deity—many cults within each sect had a primary deity at the center of the religion, beneath which subordinate deities were also worshipped.

"Paganism" as a title was intended only to reference the non-Christians (and the non-Jews), isolating them into one solitary category that could be more easily destroyed and replaced.

Nothing is correct about GOD, that is taught by religions - its all about indoctrination and controlling others. God promised him and sent him….”, then proceed to exemplify all-inclusiveness by saying, ...” and does not favor or disfavor any religion or denomination….” Yet, by your on admission, he was the “Messiah”; The one who said, “no man cometh to the Father except through me”.

Thus, the tradition of ethnic titling appears to have been continued by the early Christians.

The calendar is one of mankind’s most important inventions.

Calendars allowed societies to organize time for religious, social, economic, and administrative purposes.

However, because of its usage in ancient texts, medieval authors mistakenly believed it referenced a religious sect and thereby gave it the corresponding connotation.

In actuality, there was a different word used to describe the "pagans" as they are called today, and that word too stemmed first and foremost from the location of the religious supporters.

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God's spirit is always active in nature and very alive while the false gods claiming to represent him, are to busy destroying or abusing nature on a daily basis. Because that's where I live and he speaks to me whenever I pay attention or want answers to my questions. “God became man, so that He could die, so that He could forgive us.” There you have your christian doctrine in a NUTshell.

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