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If you're driving from the airport, the hotel is 13 miles north.Guest Favorites Our guests feel like they've stepped back a century with a stay at this gracious club hotel, updated with modern tech amenities.Our rooms did not look like the standard room photos on the site. We were traveling with teenagers and they could not accommodate us with queen bedded rooms. Very close to the Link Lite Rail Pioneer Station Stop.The hotel feels like a decently renovated heritage apartment. Probably less than 200' making this an excellent choice coming from the Sea Tac airport.SPOTS CHAI HOUSE—Michael Stegner (8 pm, all ages), MR. (SEATTLE DRUM SCHOOL)—Spiral Bound, Capitol Basement, Felt Mountain (7 pm, all ages), TOST—Picoso (9 pm), TOST—Happy Ending ( pm), TRABANT CHAI LOUNGE—Maren Metke, Elysian (8 pm, all ages), free TRACTOR TAVERN—Lee Rude & the Trainwrecks, Sweetlou, Kim Virant, / TRIPLE DOOR—Eurofever (10 pm), TULA’S—Steve Korn Group, 67 Lounge—DJ Drew Down ALIBI ROOM—DJ Diskyze BAD JUJU LOUNGE—DJ Giraffe BADA LOUNGE—DJ Respect BALTIC ROOM—Bollywood: DJs Manpreet, Peter Madril, Hanafi, Ravi, BELLTOWN BILLIARDS—DJ Elad BESO DEL SOL—DJ Fernando (salsa), BUS STOP—DJs Curtis, Like the Wolf CENTURY BALLROOM—Salsa: DJ Howard, / CHAPEL—Rotating DJs CHOP SUEY—Fourthcity Laptop Battle Search: Phiber Optix, Stretch Compensation, Electrosect, Bird, Rrine, KFO, and many more, CLUB MANTRA—Saturday Night Special: DJs Roc’Phella, D’Doxx, DEEP DOWN LOUNGE—Onset: Guest DJs DOWNUNDER—Rare Form: 4 DJs, 2 dance floors DRIFT ON INN CASINO—DJ Mark Campbell ELEMENT—Urban Atmosphere: DJs Austin Payne, Chinky Eye, Tre, EN SEATTLE—Tengu: DJs Tim Merralls, Nick Pratt, William Mempa, guests FENIX UNDERGROUND—DJ Trent Von, HEAVENS NIGHTCLUB—Destination Saturday (house) JAI THAI (CAPITOL HILL)—Suntzu Saturdays: J-Justice & Jayson Powers, guests JILLIAN'S—DJ Ben Jammin' KINCORAS PUB—Harder: DJ Seth (metal, punk, rock) LAST SUPPER CLUB—Progressive House Saturdays: DJ Scene LAVA LOUNGE—Cream on Wax LO FI PERFOMANCE GALLERY—Emerald City Soul Club: Lynne K, Miss Shing-A-Ling, the Soulcial, Kevin Jones, Gene Balk, Mike Nipper, MARCUS’—DJ KO, Colby, guests MIRABEAU ROOM—Mash UP: DJs Josh Quest, Brett Michaels, guests MR.SPOTS CHAI HOUSE—The Jack (11 pm) NEUMO’S—FCS North, Truckasaurus, Sleepy Eyes of Death, DJ Fucking in the Streets, OLD FIRE HOUSE (REDMOND)—Common Market, Get Dressed, Seahorse, Man Plus (8 pm, all ages), PARADOX—The Turn-Ons, the Glasses, In Praise of Folly, Smile Brigade ( pm, all ages), PARAGON—Paul Hanover Band RENDEZVOUS—Mistress and the Misters, Jose Fang, ROCKSPORT—The Quitters, free S. MARIE ANTOINETTE—Cole Miller, Dust Collector, Swaybacks, the Human Echo, Commodore Duchess (8 pm, all ages), SHOWBOX—Point One, Hollywood Lightweights, Rishloo, Esitu, Hollywood Heights (7 pm, all ages), / STUDIO SEVEN—The Sugar Daddys, the Juke Joint Gamblers, guests ( pm, all ages), / SUNSET TAVERN—Noise for the Needy: Ruston Mire, the Purrs, the Elephants, Stuart Valentine, DJ Chrispo THE L. LUCKY LOUNGE—Plush Promotions NECTAR—King County Kings, DJ Chico Che, NEIGHBOURS—Power Mix: DJ Randy Schlager NEIGHBOURS UNDERGROUND—Fresh: DJ E-Bam (18 ), 10 NOC NOC—Crucifixion: DJ Shane R PLACE—DJ Riz RE-BAR—Krakt: Kristina Childs & Paul Edwards, SEATTLE EAGLE—DJ Funky Bear SEE SOUND LOUNGE—Rotating Residents: Bryce, DJMB, Recess, Jay Tripwire, Jeff Samuel THE BALLROOM—DJ Pete Ditty TOI—DJ Tone TRINITY NIGHTCLUB—Trinity Resident DJs, DJ Niros TRIPLE DOOR—DJ Greg J, free VENOM—Sin City Saturdays: DJ Krayz VICEROY—DJ N8, guests VITO’S—Uptown Lounge: DJ Doubles (hiphop, old school) VOGUE—Time Warp: DJ Evan Blackstone WAR ROOM—Yo Son!In the post-stay surveys, hotel customers are asked a number of questions about their stay and the hotel.

Torrez, J-Sun (house) KINCORAS PUB—Underlord's Den: DJ Seth LAST SUPPER CLUB—Party Rock Wednesday: DJs Jolene, Aaron LAVA LOUNGE—DJ Deutscher Meister MARCUS’—DJ Sean C, 0 NEIGHBOURS—Showtime: DJ Trent Von NOC NOC—Filthy R PLACE—Wet: DJ E SEATTLE EAGLE—Rebel Wednesday: DJ Freddy King of Pants SEE SOUND LOUNGE—Grace (house) TRINITY NIGHTCLUB—Proper Wednesdays: Jai Soliel, Ramiro VENOM—Hype: DJ Chinky Eye VITO’S—DJ Baracoa (salsa) VOGUE—Gothic Night: DJ Eternal Darkness WAR ROOM—The Catch, White Gold, DJ Sweet Baby Jaysus WATERTOWN—Why Not?

I expected a period hotel to have and know period drinks but they seemed have changed the recipes. Breakfast was great, dinner selection wasn't The Arctic Club is not your typical Doubletree.

It's a restored former private club in downtown Seattle, so it's got plenty of style and charm.

Paying $---Canadian a night felt way overpriced, especially after my card was charged for 0 in random, mystery fees after coming home? Only cost us /each to ride from the airport to the Pioneer Station.

We expected a VERT experienced bar staff and this was a little lacking.

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Hotel Information Guests must be 21 or older to check-in at the property.

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