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He eventually pushed aside his fear of being vulnerable and asked him if he wanted to hang out after work. So, if you think you and an acquaintance have a lot in common, don’t be shy.

Making friends is a lot like dating: Things seemed easier in college.

“Where you’ve got names, dates of birth, ZIP codes, then that provides an opportunity to actually target specific individuals whether they be in government or healthcare for example, so you can profile that person and send more targeted blackmail-type emails,” cybercrime expert Charlie Mc Murdie said.

In other words, they’ll demand money in exchange for not telling the world just how kinky your fetishes are.

Just like when we go out to parties or to grab drinks with some new guy, it can be nerve wracking to sit across from a new friend and make conversation.

My friend Teresa says that meeting other “mom friends” can be hard as an introvert.

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Embrace the comparison to dating when it comes to making new friends.

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